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Reduce your CO₂ emissions by having Clean Oil.

Only one oil filter is as natural as the energy you produce
C.C.JENSEN A/S – market leader in offline oil filtration – ensures clean oil in your wind turbine, your key to reliable and long machinery lifetime. CJC® Oil Filters - with the largest dirt holding capacity on the market - remove harmful contaminants like particles, humidity, and varnish from gearboxes, bearings, and pitch hydraulics.

With our dedicated oil filter; the CJC® Key Filter you get an intelligent solution – your key to future filtration, prolonging the lifetime of your oil, optimizing your system performance and increasing uptime of your WTG.

The CJC® Key Filter insert is made of 100% natural cellulose fibers from sustainable resources; no plastic, no metal, no chemicals – a sustainable solution - as natural as the energy you produce. Furthermore, your O&M costs are reduced with the CJC® Key Filter – as maintenance now takes only 5 min.  

CJC® Condition Monitoring Unit, combined with the T2render software provides online monitoring, measuring wear generation in the oil, providing you with the earliest possible warnings for condition-based gearbox maintenance. 

Brands: CJC® Offline Oil Filtration, CJC® Key Filter, CJC® T2render, CJC® Oil Contamination Monitor OCM15, CJC® Filter Inserts.