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Cailabs is a deep tech company based in Rennes, France, developing, manufacturing and selling innovative photonic solutions for telecommunications and industrial laser applications. 

Cailabs offers a large range of light shaping components through  Multi-Plane Light Conversion technology (MPLC), allowing flexible and complete light reshaping with very limited losses. 

Its unique technology, born out of the team’s combined expertise in optics, reduces the number of phase profiles to a manageable level and allows for the integration of the transformation in a compact package.

With AROONA by Cailabs, convert your multi-mode fibers into single-mode fibers without fiber deployment

The flexible and cost-effective AROONA solution is a simple box at the end of the fiber, that upgrades LANs without renewing their cabling infrastructure, by increasing the capacity of the existing optical fibers. AROONA overcomes the limitations of multi-mode fibers by selectively addressing the fiber modes and enables the latest high-performance transmissions without new fiber deployment.  

·       It is future-proof and will seamlessly support future upgrades.

·       It is typically 3x less expensive than a new fiber deployment, and even more in complex cases.

·       It is easy to deploy, simply installed at the end of existing fibers in 3 hours, and no work interruption or civil engineering is required.

In 2017, AROONA by Cailabs received the APOLAN Innovation Platinum Award, and won the Platinum Innovators Prize during the BICSI Fall edition, an innovation trophy awarded by the American magazine Cabling Installation and Maintenance.

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