Santa Clarita,  CA 
United States
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The Science of Thrill

Different people ride for different reasons. Yet there is a common denominator that binds everyone who puts their
body on the line for the sheer enjoyment of experiencing life at a rush.
And this is what Leatt® offers as a brand. Sure, we make protective wear. Fact is, we’re on par with the best
protective wear in the world. Helmets? Absolutely. Braces, guards, gloves, body protection, apparel? Without
doubt. And of course, the Leatt® Neck Brace is a much respected and envied Hall-of-Famer.
But, what Leatt® really stands for is the promise of things to come. We equip our customers with the
confidence and the knowledge that they’re as safe as they could possibly be at that very instant that they
decide to throw all caution to the wind and commit.
We enable the Thrill.