Skratch Labs

Boulder,  CO 
United States
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Come try our three new flavors of Anytime Energy Bars!

When sports physiologist Dr. Allen Lim found out that the professional cyclists he coached were literally getting sick to their stomachs from the excess and artificial ingredients in the pre-packaged sports bars and drinks the athletes were given, he started making training food and sports drinks from scratch. He ultimately settled on a drink mix recipe that kept athletes hydrated and that they enjoyed drinking. It contained no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or colors, less sugar, and more sodium to replace what was actually being lost in the rider's sweat. It had a simple, clean taste, since Dr. Lim's drink contained only real fruit for flavor. Word of the "Secret Drink Mix" spread fast. To meet that demand, Allen Lim started Skratch Labs. Our mission is simple – to develop and sell food and drinks that taste great, are made from real ingredients, and solve problems for active people. Our products include Sport, Anytime and Wellness electrolyte Hydration Drink Mixes, Sport Recovery Drink Mix, Anytime Energy Bars, Sport Energy Chews, and three cookbooks, all made to empower athletes to fuel themselves with real food and to feel and perfom better.