Brave Bicycles

Howell,  NJ 
United States
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Brave Bicycles, premium light weight kids bicycles.

Dear bicycle shop owners,
We know you've had this experience. A family walks in, looking for a bike for their child. Let's call him 'Timmy.'  You show them a youth bike from one of the major brands you carry. The parents see the price, perhaps $300 for a 20" bike. 'Do you have anything less expensive?' they ask, 'It's not like he's a professional cyclist or anything.' 

Unfortunately, you don't; and your perfectly rational explanation about why a bike shop bike is a far better investment and is much more safe and fun than a department store bike falls on skeptical ears. The mom and dad simply can't come to terms with the idea of spending so much on a bike that their child will outgrow in 18 months or less, and then repeating the process two more times before little Timmy finally stops growing. You miss out on the sale, the parents miss out on putting their kid on a safe bike, and Timmy misses out on a childhood of great rides, free of speed wobbles, unreliable brakes, and multiple daily chain derailments.

That's why we started Brave Bicycles.
Brave was founded on the premise that all parents want their kids to ride bikes that are safe, fun, well built, and fit well. But when kids grow so fast, frequently re-outfitting them with IBD-level bikes can be a challenge. So we designed a full line of youth bikes that would match or exceed the quality of the best IBD brands, only without the usual IBD prices. Now it is easy for parents and kids to feel Brave, knowing that they are riding bikes that were built to industry best safety and performance standards, at industry best family friendly prices.

Never lose another youth bike sale to Wally World. Never let Timmy walk out your door condemned to a childhood full of lousy bikes. Oh, and never make less than 40-50% dealer margin, ever.

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