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Columbus,  OH 
United States
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Bullnose Products, Ice Fishing Gear/Trolling Motor Rudder!

Bullnose Products (Booth 516)

Bullnose Products is currently featuring the Bullnose Rudder, Auger Stoppers and two versions of the Ice Fishing Tip Down-Tip Up

Our Products

The Auger Stopper is designed for 20 volt battery powered drills used while drilling holes in the ice for fishing. If your drill happens to come loose from the adapter, the Auger Stopper will prevent the ice auger from falling beneath the ice. Simply add an AUGER STOPPER to the top of the auger shaft to solve this very problem.

Tip Down- Tip Up is a “must” if you are tired of holding your fishing rod by hand and trying to guess when the fish is about to bite.  The rocking motion is extremely sensitive to even the slightest fish bites. 

The Bullnose Rudder is a clamp-on Rudder that fits most electric trolling motors (24 to 55 Thrust) used for small boats, pontoons, kayaks, canoes and more.  The Rudder gives you better control of your watercraft in most windy weather conditions.  It is well known for tracking and its ability to keep you drifting in a straight line.  It turns easily when steering, and it enables you to drive the craft even while fishing. 

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