Drink Perfection

Valparaiso,  IN 
United States
  • Booth: 326

DrinkNow improves Time, Taste, Health, Waste! Come see how!

Pour it, Drink it!  Often people don't want to wait to drink their hot coffe, tea or chocolate.  We should all have this option to Drink Now!  In only 20 seconds, the patented DrinkNow Perfector brings a scalding hot beverage to the perfect hot temperature so you can taste the flavor notes immediately.  With two international studies over the last 3 years linking liquids consumed above 149 F as carcinogenic, this safe option needs to be offered.  The largest servers of hot beverages typically serve their products at 170 to 180F.  Some consumers are okay with waiting 15-20 minutes or watering their drink down with ice cubes.  But, busy coffee and tea lovers don't want to wait or sacrifice taste!  -  #NoBurntTongues

In addition, at DrinkNow we've discovered how to improve the time and taste for iced coffee and iced tea!  After hot brewing, by simply stacking 2 Perfectors you can quickly drop the temperature 80 degrees.  So, ice can be added immediately without having the ice melt quickly and water down the taste.  No refrigertaion needed!  

Please come visit us at Booth #326 to learn more!     Purchase your Perfectors @ www.DrinkNow.com

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