• FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cleveland, OH – Energy Smart® Overwrappers are NSF® Certified Heat Seal is proud to announce that in addition to all of the benefits our patented, on-demand, seal plate technology provides, now all of the Energy Smart® wrappers have received NSF® certification.... Learn More

  • SAN DIEGO - Feb. 18, 2019 -- ecUtopia, a leading provider of cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) and supply chain management solutions that connect retailers, vendors, manufacturers, 3PL's and consumers across multiple industries, launches a game changing B2B Order Management solution for retailers looking to elevate their e-Commerce presence. With ecUtopia's latest... Learn More

  • The Rose Solution is now shipping from dozens of enviormentally certified farms in Colombia and Thailand.  Flowers and Bouquets  depart every morning and are delivered the next morning nationwide in cold chain protected service by FedEx and UPS.  Many products available that cannot be shipped thu warehouses.  New  on-line cell... Learn More

  • Introduced for the first time in North American market, Specialty's non-PVC Foodservice film & non-PVC Meat film is a safer alternative to existing PVC Foodservice & Meat films in the market. It does not release any harmful substances into the food that it is used to wrap.... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Feb 06, 2019, by EB Beverage (#537)

    EB Beverage 1.1.19 Take Steps to Help Save the Environment by using 100% Plant Based Bottles. Terra Purified Water Co. is excited to introduce you our 100% Plant Based Bottle, Cap and Label. This bottle is compostable, recyclable and will biodegrade in conditions greater... Learn More

  • Submitted on: Jan 30, 2019, by BRdata Software Solutions (#1400)

    It’s been a busy few years for the grocery industry. The growth of major online retailers in the grocery space has posed a challenge for independent stores; but according to industry observers at BRdata, which provides software solutions to the independent grocery segment, grocers are moving beyond just adding e-commerce... Learn More

  • Retractable signage is available in two types: one that sits on the floor and extends up and one that hangs from the ceiling and extends down. The conveniences and benefits of retractable signage make it a great choice for your merchandising signs and promotional displays. Retractable signage has... Learn More

  • Bakeries love throwing around terms that make their bread seem healthy. “Stone ground” or “multigrain” breads, for instance, might be a cut above your average loaf – or they might not, since those terms are often loosely defined, if they’re defined at all.  But here at Alvarado... Learn More