Citrus America, Inc.

Orlando,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 839

Juice Purity. Efficiency. Operational Safety. Hygiene. Profitability. 

We pride ourselves in providing our customers with the highest-quality citrus juicing equipment. We develop juicing solutions that ensure your investment keeps your customers happy and your business profitable.  

Brands: Citrocasa - High-end commercial juicing equipment.


  • Fantastic M/AS Advance
    The ideal, compact on-demand juicing solution for cafes, bars, hotels, fitness centers, etc....

  • This compact jucier juices at 30 fruit per minute. 
  • Fantastic F/SB-ATS Advance
    Most powerful, automatic-feed juicer for high-volume juicing environments with limited space....

  • Juices at 30 fruit per minute. 
  • 8000SB-ATS Advance
    This powerhouse provides automatic pulp and seed removal system, as well as sturdy self-service tap for uninterrupted operation and a unique customer experience. The ultimate citrus juicer for high-volume self-service operation....

  • Depeding on its setting, this machine juices at 40-60 fruit per minute.