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FoodStorm's SaaS solution helps grocers expand your catering and prepared meals business. FoodStorm enables online catering ordering, payment via POS and streamlines customer service, food production and delivery.

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  • (Jan 16, 2020)

    Stop by our booth for a demonstration of how FoodStorm's catering solution can expand your catering and prepared meals business.

    Special discounts on offer for grocers signing up at the show!


  • FoodStorm
    FoodStorm catering software helps grocers grow their business, featuring
    - Online catering ordering and eCommerce, including PCI compliance
    - Order management for production and delivery
    - Integration with POS, Loyalty, Financials
    - A whole lot more!...

  • Please drop by our booth to see how FoodStorm can change your grocer's catering business.

    FoodStorm catering software helps expand your grocery business outside of the center aisle by growing your catering and prepared meals offering. Whether you have 5 or 500 stores, Foodstorm streamlines the catering process from order placement through to production across your store network and specific departments.

    Online Ordering and e-Commerce

    Increase sales by enabling your customers to order catering from their mobile, tablet or PC. Our team provides you with a powerful, branded, cloud-hosted website that is built specifically for grocery catering. FoodStorm’s integration with Google Maps lets your customers locate their nearest store and easily place their order.

    In Store Ordering

    FoodStorm understands some customers need personalized advice when it comes to their catering requirements and allows for in-store ordering via a kiosk or customer service representative.

    Online Payment & PCI Compliance

    Get paid online, every time, with online payment via FoodStorm. Stored credit cards allows your customers to quickly place repeat orders. Be assured that credit card details are secure and that you adhere to PCI data security standards.

    Order Allocation and Communication

    Decentralize your catering operation with orders automatically allocated to your stores. Orders are sent by email and text message for store confirmation and your customers receive email updates throughout the process.

    Grocery Integrations

    FoodStorm connects with your POS, Finance applications and corporate networks, ensuring a seamless flow of information into your existing systems.


    FoodStorm generates daily production and delivery reports for each store, saving hours of administration time and ensuring visibility across your operation. Run centralized reports to track sales performance of stores, products, departments and more!