Cummins Allison

Mount Prospect,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 1224

Cummins Allison provides a portfolio of solutions for the front-of-the-store all the way through the cash office.  We offer a very compelling self-service coin alternative that will increase your coin redemption revenue without increasing user fees. In addition, we offer money counter or cash drawer processing system to maximize profits, improve productivity and eliminate inefficiencies.  Learn more at

Brands: JetScan iFX money counters, JetSort coin sorter and counters, Money Machine 2 self service coin counters


  • Money Machine 2 Self Service Coin Counter Machine
    Money Machine 2 is a self-service coin counting machine which is fast, highly accurate, easy to use and best of all...affordably priced....

  • Shoppers want a better experience; you want to make more profit. A better coin counting solution does both. That’s because not all coin machines are created equal.  We offer a very compelling coin-redemption alternative one where grocers can earn up to 7% more revenue compared to the competition. 

  • JetScan iFX®i100 Check and Currency Scanner
    Process your cash room faster. Our automated cash drawer processing solutions let you count down and balance cash drawers, rebuild float amounts and set up tills in less than two minutes....

  • Checks and currency handling were traditionally managed as separate functions requiring different personnel, separate work areas and a lot of time. The JetScan iFX consolidates these functions, eliminating deposit processing steps, cutting costs and streamlining operations.