Fun Factory Candy & Novelty Co. / Wolfpack Sales and Marketing

Chandler, AZ 85224,  AZ 
United States
  • Booth: 2039

Fun Factory Candy & Novelty welcomes you!

Fun Factory Candy & Novelty manufactures candy, novelty, and cell-tech accessories for the Grocery and C-Store markets. We have a variety of unique displays that are ideal for center store offerings, including seasonal shippers, and year long displays that are guaranteed to sell.

Brands: Fun Factory Candy & Novelty manufactures candy, novelty, and cell-tech accessories for the Grocery and C-Store Markets


  • Outdoor Adventure Rack
    Nostalgic display of assorted rubber band fun! Rubber band guns come in two sizes (pistol and rifle), and hold up to 10 rubber bands for rapid fire-action! Our Marshmallow Shooter (sling-shot) is perfect to harness your inner Bart Simpson!...

  • Display comes with a wooden 4x4 post, with dowels to display all of the rubber band shooters. Extra Rubber band packs are displayed on the top to be sold as much needed extras!
  • 10' Nylon Braided Phone Charging Cables
    Extra long charge/sync cables for iPhone and Android phones. Spinning display comes in vibrant colors, with 72 total cables. Rack is refillable, and is an offering you can keep in stores all-year-long!...

  • Display comes with iPhone compatible cables, Type-C to USB, and Micro to USB Cables (24 of each). Charge/sync cables are best paired with a 2.1 amp charger due to length of cable.
  • Assorted Sunglasses Pop-Up Display
    Choose from 9 different style sunglasses with a wide variety of colors and lenses. POP display holds a total of 36 pairs....

  • Comes with styles such as classic aviators, wayfarer, and sport-style sunglasses. Rack includes a variety of UV protection lenses as well as polarized options.
  • Wooden Sunglasses Pop-Up Display
    Display comes in 9 different styles with a wide variety of bamboo and synthetic wood frames. This unique display holds a total of 36 pairs....

  • Stand out from other stores with this wooden sunglasses POP display. Contains styles from today's most popular brands and best sellers. 
  • Diesel Power Winter Gear Knit Hats
    Diesel Brothers Gear is now available through Fun Factory! We've partnered with the Discovery Channel's popular Diesel Brothers to bring a pop-up offering to the store level....

  • 48 count display with multiple styles including camoflauge, cuffed, and ribbed beanie options. This special offering can only be purchased through us, so take advantage of this one of a kind shipper!