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Come & Taste "Dolfins Energy Drink" made with Coconut Water!

As a non-alcoholic beverage manufacturer, Joo Global, Inc makes a lot of efforts to create more natural and healthy energy drinks such as Dolfins "Innovative" Energy Drinks made with Coconut water & Kosher certified, including Caffeine-free Korean Ginseng Root and Red Ginseng Drinks. We promise to deliver top qualities as well as honest formalities in our products without any false labels. 

Brands: Dolfins Energy Drinks, AKCO Coconut Water Can, Korean Ginseng Root/Red Ginseng Drinks.

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  • ***Buy 5 cases/pallets, get 1 case/pallet FREE for following products... AKCO Coconut Water Can, Korean Ginseng Drink with Root & Honey, Korean Red Ginseng Drink.

    ***Buy 2 cases/pallets, get 1 case/pallet FREE... Dolfins Energy Drinks with 8 flavors.


  • DolfinsEnergyDrink/AkcoCoconutWater/GinsengDrink
    -Dolfins Energy Drink (12 fl oz,/6-can pack/24 can/case)
    -AKCO Coconut Water Can (17.5 fl oz/24 can/ case)
    -Korean Ginseng Drink with Root & Honey (4.23 fl oz, 50 bottle/case)
    -Korean Red Ginseng Drink (2.53 fl oz/48 bottle/case)...

  • 1) Dolfins Energy Drink (12 fl oz,/6-can pack/24 can/case):The innovative energy drink made with AKCO coconut water and Kosher certified, offering 8 flavors which are Peach, Watermelon, Pineapple, Grape, Cherry, Mango, Honey Lemon and Matcha. Dolfins Energy Drink contains less caffeine with a lot of natural nutrients such as B-group vitamins, Taurine (amino acid), and real sugars without any artificial ingredients. Upon request, we can customize a variety pack (24 can/case) for you with different flavors such as a 4-can pack, 6-can pack & 8-can pack.

    2) AKCO Coconut Water Can (17.5 fl oz/24 can/ case): A gluten-free, non-GMO and Kosher certified drink with low calories, anti-oxidants, rich electrolytes, cytokinin, amino acid, potassium, calcium and magnesium which can keep you hydrated and improve digestive issues.

    3) Korean Ginseng Drink with Root & Honey (4.23 fl oz, 50 bottle/case): A natural herbal energy drink; e
    xtra strong with Root Inside & with Honey. Chinese herbalists recommend this as an all-heal tonic to enhance stamina and vitality and boost energy. Each bottle is lightly sweetened and includes a Korean Ginseng root. Best tasting when served chilled, and ginseng root can be eaten. 

    4) Korean Red Ginseng Drink (2.53 fl oz/48 bottle/case): A refreshing, caffeine-free energy drink made from 6-years-grown Korean red ginseng. Korean red ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine as an overall wellness supplement for centuries to: boost the immune system, improve heart health, treat diabetes, increase energy, decrease stress, and treat impotence.