EPG (Ehrhardt Partner Group)

Charlotte,  NC 
United States
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Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) is the leading provider of comprehensive supply chain execution software for smarter connected logistics. EPG’s highly configurable and scalable logistics solution, LFS, delivers Tier I functionality inclusive of: warehouse management, warehouse control and automation, resource management, transportation management, advanced business intelligence analytics and its industry leading iBrowser ensures ongoing support for all major browsers, delivering flexibility and platform independence. Our Lydia Voice solution offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and eliminates the need for voice template training, while interfacing with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions. EPG is the only company to offer a lifetime WMS integration guarantee to voice customers. To learn more, visit www.epg.com.


  • Lydia Voice
    Voice Solutions: Get With The Second Largest Global Voice Provider In The Distribution Center Market...

  • Lydia Voice Solutions innovative workflow performance technologies are fully configurable and designed specifically for the high noise warehouse and distribution center (DC) environment. Lydia Voice Solutions provides you superior voice recognition without old-fashioned voice template training and excels in multi-site operations. Only EPG offers Lydia Voice customers with a Lifetime Integration Guarantee to support your Lydia Voice solution. The result? Improved productivity with a 30% lower cost of ownership.

    EPG’s Voice Picking System Lydia Voice provides a complete integrated enterprise voice solution supported by a 24 x 7 staffed support center that excels at multi-site customer implementations and has successfully scaled to more than 7,000 users on a single server instance. Our Voice Picking System Lydia Voice offers unparalleled voice recognition with its deep neural network technology and interfaces with a multitude of WMS and ERP solutions. Our Co-Exist Solution enables companies to easily operate a two-vendor voice strategy without having to undertake any additional voice integration efforts.

    The voice technology Lydia Voice provides you the freedom to implement your solution how you want and on your preferred Android or Windows devices from suppliers such as Zebra and Honeywell. We provide traditional on-premise licensing as well as SaaS and Managed Hosted Service options.

  • LFS.wms
    Warehouse Management System: The High Performance Logistics System...

  • The LFS is a high-performance Warehouse Management System (WMS) for the active control of all processes and material flow control in the warehouse and for direct store delivery route drivers. Thanks to its unrivaled configurability, our WMS System LFS can be tailored to work within your existing processes. It is certified to integrate with most leading enterprise resource planning systems and all major technology platforms. This ensures seamless assimilation with current and future infrastructure, regardless of whether it is in the cloud or on premise. Boost your warehouse efficiency with our logistics software.

    The LFS Warehouse Management System can be flexibly customized for your logistics workflows and comes with excellent service for any changeover of systems at your company. The benefits of the system at a glance:

    • The LFS runs on all common platforms, such as Windows, Linux, and IBM iSeries (AS/400, i5), as well as on Android and iOS operating systems for mobile applications. It can also easily be used with industry-leading databases Oracle, MS SQL, and DB2. Communication interfaces to all common ERP and PPS systems are of course included in LFSas are services for use in SOA environments. The Warehouse Management System LFS was certified by SAP as far back as 1997.
    • Is your logistics evolving? Connecting new sites and facilities is quick and easy, as is adding new clients – Our license model is flexible, meaning one license for all your sites, no matter how many clients you add and regardless of the number of users working with the WMS system.
    • Regardless of the LFS software version your organization is using: we guarantee worldwide 24/7 support for our software solutions. Our service experts always have to meet the highest quality requirements in the form of continuous training.

    With LFS warehouse management system, you optimize and improve every stage of your supply chain, helping you to reduce logistics costs and outperform the competition. When it comes to order picking, LFS has reduced errors by 30%, improved pick times by up to 70%, and has the scalability to handle 1 billion picks per day in a single warehouse. It can also improve space allocation by up to 30% due to its dynamic slotting capability.