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Vancouver,  BC 
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Manufacturer of in-store signage and merchandising solutions


  • ShelfTalkers™
    Kostklip's printed plastic ShelfTalkers are bold, colorful and reusable shelf edge messages. Place a ShelfTalker over the paper price tag in a ClearVision® or ClearGrip™ ticket molding to clearly identify the product that the message applies to....

  • Kostklip’s ShelfTalkers are proven to bring attention to the products your customers didn’t know they wanted, creating impulse purchases along your shelf edge. According to a Grocery Manufacturers Association study shelf talkers increase the likelihood of a shopper to engage with a product on your shelf by 29%, resulting in purchases of items not on their list by 20% or more.

    The shelf edge is where more than 60% of purchasing decisions are made. Do more with your shelf edge by communicating promotional, lifestyle and nutritional messages to assist your customer in finding the products right for them. Growing your customers’ basket size means overall sales growth for the store.

    Plastic ShelfTalkers are easy to use and don't leave residue on the shelf edge like typical adhesive shelf talkers. Learn more about kostklip's ShelfTalkers or contact us to set up an appointment at the NGA show.

    Kostklip's ShelfTalkers™

    Kostklip's Organic ShelfTalkers™

  • Flex Series
    SKU reducing ticket moldings and adapters for the shelf edge....

  • Kostklip's Flex Series shelf edge labelling system is built around the premise of an "adaptable" or "flexible" product that can be used throughout the store. Flex Series includes two product lines, kostklip's FlexChannel® shelf edge ticket moldings and FlexKlip® adapters.

    Kostklip's FlexChannel is an innovative, one-size-fits-all price channel ticket molding that helps retailers reduce SKUs when implementing a shelf edge labeling program in their store or chain.

    The built-in channel on the back of the clear, flexible window can hold colored shelf strips, CPG branding, or planogram strips. Add color inserts to seasonal sections or different departments in your store without having to order custom colored ticket moldings.

    In some cases a retailer may have to purchase several different back leg sizes to ensure the proper fit for each shelf.

    With kostklip's FlexChannel, replenishment is easy because retailers only need to re-order one SKU.

    With one clip-in molding that fits all price channels, it's easier and less confusing for your staff to identify which part to order and install on the shelf.

    Kostklip's FlexChannel ticket moldings can be easily cut with scissors so you don't have to carry additional low volume SKUs.

    For those areas of the store that do not have a standard C-channel, kostklip developed FlexKlip shelf edge adapters.

    FlexKlip is a 5 part adapter program, consisting of a Large Ratchet, Small Ratchet, Wire Fence, Glass & Single Wire and Dual Angle ADA. By using kostklip's FlexKlip® adapter program, you can create a consistent C-channel throughout the store.

    Kostklip has also developed a special tool, which allows store employees to easily cut down any of these adapters to the perfect length needed, reducing the need for additional lengths and SKUs.

    It is kostklip's job to assist you as a retailer to achieve the ROI required. By engaging kostklip, kostklip will assess your current program, provide you with the tools and expertise to evaluate and implement a cost effective and customer appealing program.

    Kostklip's Flex Series is a SKU reducing program that integrates with kostklip's ClearVision and ClearGrip ticket moldings to allow retailers to save up to 67% in material and labor costs. Ask us at the NGA show how Flex Series ticket moldings and adapters can reduce SKUs in your shelf edge program.