Pax Technology, Inc.

Jacksonville,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: 1201

PAX Technology, Inc. is one of the fastest-growing electronic payment solution providers in the world. PAX has been serving the global retail marketplace for over 19 years and has distribution in over 120 countries with an installed base of over 40 million terminals worldwide.


  • A50
    PAX's A50 is a new generation handheld SmartMobile device specifically designed for modern merchants looking for a flexible, in or out of store payment solution with a small footprint....

  • The size of a small mobile phone, the PAX A50 fits comfortably in the hand and the stunning high definition 4.5” touchscreen display offers a user interface superior to traditional POS terminals. Supporting EMV and NFC transactions, the A50 also offers built-in dual cameras with LED flashlight which can read 1D and 2D codes.
  • A60
    The A60 is a sleek and compact SmartMobile PINpad that delivers the highest level
    of payment security and transactional integrity....

  • Leveraging Android OS, an elegant and lightweight design alongside built-in 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth communications, the A60 can operate either as a powerful standalone Mobile PINpad or an instore cordless terminal, supported by an intelligent printer base with auto-cutter.
  • A77
    PAX A77 is an extremely powerful and differentiating next-gen SmartMobile PINpad
    specially designed for today’s most demanding and diverse enterprise environments....

  • The mobile phone-sized A77 supports a broad range of wireless connectivity options, providing customers and retailers alike the flexibility and absolute freedom to conduct commerce when and how they want. Boasting a stunning 5.5” color touchscreen, an integrated professional scanner, dual high-resolution cameras, and a long-lasting battery, the A77 is poised to centralize enterprises’ digital payment, business, and brand immersion touchpoints.
  • A920
    The A920 is the revolutionary terminal that started it all. A strikingly beautiful and ergonomically
    designed terminal, this SmartMobile delivers elegance, style, and security to every payment experience.

  • The A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. The A920 delivers an integrated camera, high-speed thermal printer, and high-capacity battery to meet the daily demands across all dynamic Retail or Hospitality environments.
  • Aries8
    Combining tablet technology with secure payments in a ruggedized design, Aries8
    represents the next generation of SmartPOS technology for any sized retailer....

  • The ergonomic design allows Aries8 to be stand mounted, incorporated into unattended kiosks, or used for Mobile applications. The pistol style handle, vibrant 8” display,
    and embedded payment module enable retail mobile applications, such as POS/line busting and ordering, as well as consumer applications, like bridal registry and selfservice POS.