Carlson AirFlo

Brooklyn Park,  MN 
United States
  • Booth: 1525

Manage inventory levels, turnover & product rotation.

AirFlo is the leading innovative manufacturer of merchandising systems, offering best of class shelving, racking, bins and other self facing systems.


AirFlo's QuickCap Install video


  • QuickCap Shelving
    Interested in increasing sales by changing the entire look of your department & grabbing customers' attention? QuickCap Shelving makes installations and resets quick, easy, and painless. Better sanitation using a completely smooth surface design....

  • The Quickest Way to Capture Sales. Dramatically improve - and more importantly, maintain - the look of your fresh department. QuickCap Shelving is the simplest way to captivate customers and generate increased sales with an "over-the-top" advantage. The attractive toppers are a cost-effective way to make an upscale impression. it's an inspired solution designed to transform your fresh department with ease, and keep it invitingly clean. From its smooth surface toppers, to an easy install, QuickCap offers every performance and aesthetic advantage vital to your fresh success. Easy to chang. Easy to clean. Easy to love. QuickCap easily redefines what shelving should be.
  • AirFlo's Glide RollerShelf
    Glide RollerShelf is the dynamic gravity feed system that effortlessly enhances quick product movement to a ready-sale position. Product rolls easily to the shelf edge, giving you the ultimate sales edge....

  • Meet the New Pacesetter

    Expand, contract, backload, and remain fully front facing. The new, high performance Glide RollerShelf keeps rapid pace with your shoppers' selections. The effortless gravity feed ensures an always attractive display while supporting an always available stock. Your shelves remain organized, front-facing, and uniform.

    Maximum Lane Versatility: Our adjustable dividers remove all conventional barriers. They easily configure and quickly reconfigure in about 1/8" increments, letting you successfully organize, manage and quickly sell a wider variety of categories-from soup and beverages, to beer and wine, to beauty and houshold care products.

    Strengthen Category Management: the Glide RollerShelf is ideal for optimizing your management strategy across categories throughout your store. Shelves stay well stocked. Even glass bottles advance effortlessly forward, whether in warm or cold environments.

    Package performance: Whether you need to move products in glass, platic, boxes or cartons, our new GlideRollers are up to the task.

    Ready to Roll Right Out of the Box: The Glide RollerShelf is an ideal solution made to work with your existing fixtures. It comes intact in two standard sizes. Simply place it atop your shelf then load it up.

    Stop by AirFlo's NGA booth number 1525 for additional information and demonstration.