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United States
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Providing cleaning chemistry for all areas of your store.

Please contact Mark Schlickman at or 404-680-9803 for more information about AFCO's cleaning and sanitizing products and services.

Brands: AFCO; Zep; Thonhauser; Time Mist; Armor All.


Smart Gel Color-Change Technology Demo


  • Smart Gel
    AFCO 5547 TM Smart Gel is an intelligent color indicator system based on patented persulfate technologies. This technology indicates the presence of organic soils while also dissolving them....

  • AFCO 5547 TM Smart Gel (Components A and B) is an intelligent color indicator system based on patented persulfate technologies. This technology dissolves organic deposits like proteins, fats, saccharides, aromas, phenol compounds, and oxalates by means of oxidation by hydroxyl radicals. It can also be used to detect organic deposits in pipe systems, tanks, heat exchangers, or filling lines by means of a color indication system.


    • If a surface isn’t clean, TM Smart Gel changes color to show the contaminated area.
    • Not hazardous. Easy to handle.
    • Online quality control during the cleaning process.
    • Easy rinsing. Does not contain any surfactants.
    • Reliable technology. Facilitates HACCP verification.
  • Sani-Cart
    A cart sanitizer that quickly and easily sanitizes all shopping carts at once. More consistent than hand-held spray methods (spray bottle-free)...

  • Features:

    • Easy to use
    • Portable design
    • Adjustable width to handle multiple types of carts
    • On-board water filter and sanitizer dilution kit
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Able to accommodate multiple carts at once
  • Safe2Dose
    The Safe2Dose system has two levels of protection: chemical packaging designed to reduce employees’ exposure to concentrated chemicals, and dispensers with locking cabinets to ensure chemicals are tamper-proof....

  • Safe2Dose products are available for a variety of applications like cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and degreasing on various surfaces.

     Safe2Dose technology takes the worry out of working with concentrated chemicals with:

    • 2 levels of protection for employees (chemical packaging and dispenser)

    • Yields more than twice the amount of RTU chemical (compared to purchasing RTU)

    • Easy training with color-coded system (labels and caps)

    • Number system to ensure proper product application

    • Flexible wall mount dispensing platform

  • Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer
    AFCO offers gel instant hand sanitizers formulated to be used without water or towels, which help to control many of the microorganisms that are of public health concern....

  • Effective: Reduces potentially harmful microorganisms on hands.
    Residue-Free: Quickly and completely evaporates from the skin, thereby leaving no residue and eliminating the need for towels
    Mild: May be used repeatedly throughout the day without irritation
  • Retail & Grocery Training Videos and SSOP’s
    AFCO offers retail/grocery training videos and SSOP’s for our retail and grocery programs....

  • Retail and Grocery Program Features:

    • Store-Specific
    • Up-to-date Documents
    • Training Videos
    • Audit-Friendly
    • Accessible by Smart Device