40 Below Joe

Carbondale,  IL 
United States
  • Booth: 641

Quick-frozen beads of coffee and dairy-free creamers!

40 Below Joe features a new approach to coffee. We offer an extraordinary product line that includes coffee lovers’ favorite coffees and dairy-free creamers flash frozen to ensure a delicious, fresh and easy cup of Joe every time.

We get down to the science of it all. Our process brews the highest quality Arabica beans and cryogenically (quick) freezes the ultra-fresh coffee into little beads using liquid nitrogen at -320°F. This method leaves the original moisture content intact unlike freeze drying. The almost instant freeze, coupled with the fact that we process our coffee in a nitrogen rich environment, captures essentially all of the aroma and flavor from our freshly roasted beans.

40 Below Joe makes it possible to bring this freshness back to life in minutes, one cup at a time, whenever you want. No waste, no grounds, no filters, and no expensive coffee machines. 

Our unique products can be eaten cold with a spoon or can be enjoyed traditionally in liquid form by simply adding hot water to the frozen beads. 

All natural, dairy-free. 

Real coffee. Real caffeine.

Brands: House Blend Frozen Coffee Beads. Hazelnut, French Vanilla, Salted Caramel & Mocha dairy-free creamer beads.