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Hygienic, Healthy Risk-Reducing Flooring & Counter Solutions

With over 150 years of experience, Forbo Flooring Systems is a trusted global supplier of high-quality floor coverings that include all-natural linoleum, highly durable textile options, cushioned luxury vinyl, slip-resistant alternatives, and entrance system products. 

Our Marmoleum collection is used on floors, checkout stands etc and is naturally ANTIMICROBIAL and ANTI-STATIC which is good for the times we now face. It does not require stripping and waxing and has a 30 year service life all the while maintaining the antimicrobial features.

Our Flotex Textile product is NON-SLIP as 80 million fibers per sq meter provide safe footing. The product has delivered tremendous bottom line savings in Risk Insurance rates and a dramatic decrease in slip/fall as stated by Lowe's Market CEO Mr. Roger Lowe, Jr.

From Entry solutions all the way through your store, Forbo provides functional, high-performance products as well as a Construction Management group that can provide a turn-key installation from start to end.

Forbo-Creating better environments for our customers by manufacturing products that are safe & healthy for owners, occupants & good for the environment

Brands: Marmoleum, Flotex, Allura, Coral


  • Marmoleum
    Naturally beautiful, durable, sustainable and healthy! Forbo Marmoleum floors are associated with sustainability, durability, high quality and innovative design. Our Marmoleum range includes solutions for virtually any type of application....

  • Full Transparency

    At Forbo we believe an open, honest and transparent approach to demonstrating a sustainable attitude is the only way to show the credits we attribute to our products and processes. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a recognised methodology we use to determine and measure the impact on the environment of any product during its creation, use and what remains when a product reaches its end of life by measuring a set number of impact categories. 

    The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is the outcome of the LCA, which is published in a 3rd party verified report on a particular product. The EPD for Marmoleum verifies our claims and gives transparent insights into our test results and measurements.

    Environmental Stewardship
    Marmoleum is manufactured in a state-of-the-art environment where the traditional manufacturing process has been automated in efficient production lines that are run entirely on green electricity. At Forbo, we actively steer our processes toward continuous improvement, maximizing the use of recycled content in our Marmoleum and working with green design principles whenever new designs or structures are developed.

    Marmoleum installation waste take-back schemes
    In many of our markets we have now introduced a network to take make material from previous installations. The cuts and scraps are collected and returned to our factory. On a smaller scale, in our sampling, we take the same approach. This way, we can do our best to assure full-circle recycling even at points where our product reaches its end of life state.

    Labels and Certification, recognition that goes a long way
    Marmoleum is among the most rewarded and environmentally sound floor covering. We value all our labels, whether it’s the internationally recognised Swan label, the blue Angel certification, the North American Sequoia Seal or more specific labels like Nature Plus or the Austrian environmental label. Next to labels and certification, Marmoleum brings real benefits when measured against BRE or LEED certifications. Here, using a Marmoleum floor helps you in the overall rating of your building.

  • Flotex
    Flotex combines the practicality of a resilient flooring with the slip resistant and acoustic properties usually associated with textiles. Flotex is strong and hygienic and being completely waterproof is the only truly washable textile floor covering....

  • A choice, not a compromise

    Flotex is a high tech textile which brings together the world of resilient and textiles connecting key performance indicators into one single product, that
    delivers all you can expect from a proven innovative flooring solution.

    Durable and comfortable
    Discover the toughness and durability of Flotex which comes as a result of the 80 million nylon 6.6. fibers per square meter, while experiencing the quietness and comfort normally only associated with a carpet as a result of the impervious cushioned backing.

    Quiet yet Hygienic
    The nylon fibers not only perform in sound absorption and comfort, they also capture allergens and fine dust from the air, all of which they effortlessly release in any cleaning action in both dry and wet conditions. Through its construction Flotex is protected against mold and odor’s whilst keeping up its appearance, as the floor restores to mint condition after every cleaning action.

    Warm while washable
    Simple every day vacuuming removes any dirt or dust trapped in the dense nylon surface. However steam cleaning or deeper mechanical cleaning can also be used after heavy soiling, requiring a minimum of traditional detergents. Simple cleaning action already restores Flotex to its original appearance. The wide array of colors and designs in which Flotex is offered, remain as vibrant and lively as the day the floor was installed.

    Safe but sound absorbing
    Flotex provides both low in-room impact noise performance (class A) as well as good impact sound reduction (>20dB), meaning a quiet room and a quiet building. Flotex also meets the HSE wet and dry slip resistance classifications for use of flat surfaces and ramps.

  • Allura
    Forbo’s Allura LVT collection offers you the esthetics of realistic, natural wood and stone floors whilst giving you the advantages of strong and durable vinyl: warm underfoot, sound absorbing, tough & durable, with easy installation & maintenance....

  • European production

    Forbo’s Allura collections are produced in Europe using ultramodern production lines that deliver the highest quality product with an extremely good dimensional stability. Green energy used in production and 100% recycling capabilities deliver the most sustainable alternative in LVT.

    Forbo Allura is created around a glass fleece core which together with the intricate build-up of different layers, including a calandered backing, containing recycled content, result in a product base that delivers a perfect substrate for printing and embossing of the life like decors that have been created by our designers. All printing is done with water base inks and the wear layer is created by making use of our finishes that are used for our project vinyl collections that have proven performance for well over a decade.

  • Coral
    By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can prolong the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs and the risk for slipping....

  • Coral entrance flooring

    A good quality entrance matting system is vital for modern building design. By stopping up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture, our Coral entrance floors can reduce cleaning costs by up to 65% and greatly reduce the risk for slipping.

    Forbo Coral delivers superior performance in even the toughest environments. Whether facing rain, snow, sand or soil, Coral keeps the outside from getting inside. Coral entrance floors are highly functional and through their large design options always form an integral part of the buildings design scheme.

    Coral is the international market leader in textile entrance flooring for almost 50 years and now offers you more choice than ever before. Each individual range in the collection has been designed to deal with different soiling behaviour as every entrance is unique and has it's own requirements.

  • Allura and Flotex
    Allura planks pictured in dining area are manufactured by Forbo WITH NO TARIFFs.
    Flotex seen in a produce section will reduce rates of slip and fall, offer EZ cleaning and realistic looks of wood. Custom design is also available....

  • Flotex Sheet & Tile combines the function and durability of a waterproof, high-performance carpet, with the beauty and versatility of a 10”x40” modular tile. Available in a range of patterns, Flotex provides a warm, comfortable, non-slip, non-scratch, proven flooring solution in Grocery applications. Flotex tile and plank collections can be created in custom colors and designs for endless possibilities. Flotex is durable and dense- with 80 million fibers per square meter it stands up to anything you can throw against it or onto it and cleans easily. This construction also minimizes traffic lanes and absorbs sound from carts.

    Coral - First impressions count and so the entrance to your grocery store needs to make a good impression on your guests. Forbo's Coral entrance systems flooring stops up to 95% of walked in dirt and moisture from entering your facility prolonging the life of your floor as well as greatly reduce cleaning costs (up to 60%) and the risk for slip and fall. Made from repurposed nylon from fishing nets, Coral offers you the best entrance flooring solution for your entrance areas. Available in sheet, mats, and tile. Logos too!

    Marmoleum is Made Carbon neutral from natural, renewable ingredients, Marmoleum is 100% bio based and features inherent antimicrobial and antistatic properties that improve indoor air quality and resist bacteria growth without chemical additives. Marmoleum’s sustainable, water-based finish provides exceptional performance against real world flooring damage, including soiling, staining, scratching and scuffing. Marmoleum is available in sheet, tile and modular plank formats, in a wide range of beautiful colors and textures.  Marmoleum is a 30 year floor that pays for itself within months of installation. The TopShield2 finish makes Marmoleum ready for use right after installation- no waiting for several layers of finish. Also, no waxing or stripping is needed. Now available in clicking system with planks and squares. Marmoleum is also available for use in counters, tabletops, and wall panels with the same features above.

    Allura- Forbo’s Allura Flex luxury vinyl tiles collection offers the look of realistic wood and concrete floors with the advantages of strong and durable vinyl. It is warm and comfortable underfoot, sound absorbing, tough and durable, with easy installation and maintenance. Forbo’s Allura collections are produced in Europe using ultramodern production lines that deliver the highest quality product with an extremely good dimensional stability. Green energy used in production and 100% recycling capabilities deliver the most sustainable alternative in LVT.