Evoke Flooring

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Evoke Contract is the commercial division of Evoke, but everything about our products says comfort, convenience, and charm. Developed ‘by designers, for designers’, Evoke Contract specializes in premium quality luxury vinyl and vinyl composite core flooring specifically for commercial applications. 

Technically, all products are manufactured to Evoke’s exacting quality standards and boast excellent warranties, multiple environmental benefits, and meet international standards for slip / fire / wear resistance. 

Aesthetically, the palette covers a wide range of contemporary, organically inspired tones to suit any décor scheme: peppery reds and spicy oranges, rugged greys and comforting wood tones, efficient whites and dramatic blacks.  Whatever the feeling you want to inspire, we have a color to match the mood.

Practically, these floors are made for modern life.  Rugged and durable, yet quiet and comfortable.  And easy, easy maintenance, of course. 

Evoke Contract – unreal floors with real personality. 

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