Demkota Ranch Beef

Aberdeen,  SD 
United States
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Welcome and learn about The DemKota Difference.

DemKota Ranch Beef located in the heartland of the Midwest, is where cattle and corn land meet. Our cattle come from superior genetics making our beef more flavorful, juicy and better quality than other beef on the market. Whether it's our EliteGold or Legacy program, know that you are receiving the best. Our DemKota brands begin with our Elite program contains our finest black Angus cattle, fed the highest quality of feed. 
Our Gold program is our premium program containing cattle that are considered non-Angus, but still meeting our high marbling standard. 
Legacy Angus is our premium brand for grain fed mature cattle with modest or higher marbling for a better eating experience.
Lastly, DemKota Legacy are our mature cattle who come from the same high-quality stock as our other beef products. 
That is The DemKota Difference. 

Brands: DemKota Elite Cattle. DemKota Gold Premium Beef. DemKota Legacy Beef. DemKota Legacy Angus.