Eosense Inc.

Dartmouth,  NS 
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We are a Canadian company built by scientists who understand the value of good data. It’s our mission to develop gas monitoring instruments that enable scientists/engineers to measure environmental gas flux and concentration - wherever their field sites may be. With equipment deployed all over the world, we’re helping researchers extend the reach of their investigations.


The eosAC-LT

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  • The large and field-ready design of the eosAC-LT/LO allows you to cover more ground at your field site. Plus, the extra volume and transparent/opaque design options mean you can now observe the effects of vegetation on trace gas fluxes. 

    When coupled to one of the compatible analyzers (Gasmet, Picarro and ABB-LGR), even the smallest changes in soil gas flux can be monitored.


  • eosAC-LT/LO
    - Large chamber footprint
    - Seamless Integration with Gasmet, Picarro and ABB-LGR
    - Transparent or opaque dome
    - Smart movement
    - Additional sensor ports
    - Equipped with eosAnalyze Software...

  • With customization features, such as transparent or opaque cover and custom height with optional stacking bases, this chamber allows you to observe different vegetation types and measure specific ecosystem processes.