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Chat with an expert to learn more about our CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System, CFLUX-1 Auto Soil CO2 Flux System, and range of CO2 analyzers including the EGM-5 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer. We are also the proud distributor for Hansatech Instruments (fluorometers), Gill Instruments (ultrasonic anemometers/compact weather stations), and bbe Moldaenke (algae monitoring).


CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

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  • CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System
    The fastest, most accurate mobile system for simultaneous leaf gas exchange & chlorophyll fluorescence measurement. Perform measurements in seconds & rapid A/Ci curves in minutes. You can carry the entire system in one hand! For high-level field research....

  • Laboratory Results in a Field-Portable System with the Small System Volume Advantage

    • Truly mobile!  Lightweight console (4.5 kg) & leaf cuvette (0.75 kg)
    • True differential gas analyzer featuring 4 independent, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers for both CO2 & H2O
    • Small system volume optimized for the fastest, most accurate measurement of photosynthesis available. Measurements in seconds!
    • Ultra-Fast A/Ci Curves with the game-changing technology & technique that generates the fastest & easiest measurements available
    • Fully automatic, independent & programmable control of CO2, H2O, temperature & light
    • Up to 12 hours of continuous use with 2 lightweight, energy-efficient Li-ion battery packs
    • Collect a full range of data in a single measurement
    • Simultaneous measurement of photosynthesis & chlorophyll fluorescence
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Intuitive user interface. Start using your system shortly after it arrives!
    • Powerful, highly customizable software
    • Versatility at its best with lightweight, field-ready plug & play accessories for several applications