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R.T. Clark Companies is your source of Geophysical Equipment. Our Products range from SmartSolo Nodes, Seismographs, Energy Sources, Gravity and Resistively Meters, EM’s, Magnetometers, Ground Penetrating Radar, to Geophones, Cables, and Connectors and much more. Serving the Geophysical/Geotechnical industry for OVER 35 YEARS. Sales/Brokerage of NEW and USED Equipment.


Geophysical Equipment: New, Used and Everything in between

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  • R.T. Clark Companies is your Geophysical Equipment Source for everything New, Used and In Between!

    • Our New Products can be found at:  https://www.rtclark.com/product-category/new-equipment/
    • Our Used/Second-hand Products can be found at:  https://www.rtclark.com/product-category/used-2nd-hand/

    Please contact us at rtclark@rtclark.com for everything in between.


  • SmartSolo 3C, Broadband and Single Nodes
    SmartSolo 1C & 3 Component & Broadband Seismic Sensor is a highly cost-effective and reliable system, & market leading seismic solution. SmartSolo can be used for active/passive acquisition such as Seismic Exploration, Micro-Seismic and Ambient Noise...

  • SmartSolo®-The World’s First Smart Seismic Sensor

    Makes Cost-effective High Density Seismic Possible

    Until now 350,000 channels have been delivered!

    SmartSolo (1C & 3 Component & Broadband & External) Seismic Sensor is a highly cost-effective and reliable system, provides market leading seismic sensing solutions to a broad range of customers in the energy and mineral exploration sectors, research institutions, governmental and non-governmental entities for a wide rang of applications. It can be used for active/passive source acquisition such as Seismic Exploration, Micro-Seismic and Ambient Noise. Supporting optional external battery solution for long-term passive seismic survey.

    SmartSolo® Product Line

    • IGU-16    1C Smart Seismic Sensor
    • IGU-16HR 3C   3C Smart Seismic Sensor
    • IGU-BD3C-5    Broadband 3C Smart Seismic Sensor
    • IAU-19   Intelligent Acquisition Unit for External Seismic Sensor

    SmartSolo® Features

    • Lowest per channel Cost in the Seismic Industry
    • Light weight (1.1kg including battery and spike)
    • Built-in 16GB non-volatile flash memory could be expanded
    • Mobile app (Deployment & technical support)
    • DT-SOLO (High-sensitivity sensor technology, 10Hz & 5Hz optional)
    • No exposed connector in the field
    • Optional external battery and sensor
    • Maximum 60 days operating life 25℃ 1ms 12h ON/12h Off
    • Automatic sensor testing and GPS logging
    • Stake-less operation for max flexibility
    • Auto scan mode for fast deployment
    • Optional Wireless QC
    • Optional High Resolution mode (0.25ms sampling rate)
    • 3C model Available
    • Broadband 3C Model Available