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Sensors & Software manufactures instrumentation, including ground penetrating radar (GPR) systems, to deliver subsurface imaging solutions to customers worldwide. Understanding what lies beneath the surface of materials like soil, rock, rubble, pavement, concrete, water, ice, and snow open endless possibilities.


Sensors & Software Inc

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  • Mississauga, ON, November 12th — Sensors & Software Inc., a worldwide leader in Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) innovations, announced that the company has been acquired by SPX Corporation (NYSE:SPXC), a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineered solutions markets. Sensors & Software will be part of the Detection & Measurement segment of SPX and report through SPX’s Radiodetection business unit.

    “Sensors & Software joining with Radiodetection empowers expanded distribution and advancement of our GPR products. The synergies between the companies in the SPX Detection and Measurement segment are extensive and provide attractive new business opportunities, We are excited about the future ahead for both our business and our employees.” said Peter Annan, President & CEO of Sensors & Software Inc.

    “We are excited about Sensors & Software joining the SPX team” said Gene Lowe, President and CEO of SPX Corporation. “Sensors & Software is a leader in GPR applications, with a strong brand, technology and user base that make it a highly complementary addition to our Radiodetection business’s industry-leading portfolio of cable and pipe locator and other detection and measurement products. We expect this combination to drive incremental value by leveraging our combined products, technologies, sales networks and channels.”

    About Sensors & Software Inc.: Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Sensors & Software is the worldwide leader of Ground Penetrating Radar innovations. The company offers a wide range of hardware and software products and services designed to understand what lies beneath the surface and empower informed decision-making. For more information, please visit

    About SPX Corporation: SPX Corporation is a supplier of highly engineered products and technologies, holding leadership positions in the HVAC, detection and measurement, and engineered solutions markets. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX Corporation had approximately $1.5 billion in annual revenue in 2019 and over 4,500 employees in 17 countries. SPX Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “SPXC.” For more information, please visit

    Investor and Media Contacts:
    Paul Clegg, VP, Investor Relations and Communications
    Phone: 980-474-3806


  • pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver
    pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver – The Ultra Receiver uses the latest in GPR technology to allow users to see up to 2 times deeper....

  • The new pulseEKKO® Ultra Receiver builds on the world-renowned capability of the pulseEKKO® GPR brand. Data acquisition is now thousands of times faster than before. This has huge implications for collecting GPR data:

    1. Stack GPR traces up to 65,536 times, with little to no reduction in collection speed.
    2. Reduce the noise floor to see GPR signals up to 100 times smaller than before.
    3. Achieve up to double the depth of penetration.
    4. Collect 32-bit, high dynamic range data to see small, subtle, and real GPR signals.

    All this means incredible opportunities for research and advancements in existing GPR applications.

    Random background noise limits GPR systems from detecting the weak signals from deep in the subsurface. Using the increased speed to stack the GPR traces more times results in deeper GPR penetration than ever before. Stacking decreases the random noise floor and increases the imaging depth. The Ultra Receiver stacks thousands of times, allowing GPR practitioners to see GPR signals 100 times smaller than before. High stacking increases the dynamic range of the data from 16-bit to 32-bit.