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Logan,  UT 
United States
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Apogee Instruments (Logan, Utah) develops and builds high-quality, cost-effective instruments for monitoring and research applications in horticulture, meteorology, agriculture, and renewable energy. Product lines include pyranometers, infrared radiometers, quantum sensors, aspirated radiation shields, temperature sensors, UV sensors, and more.


Apogee Instruments Inc.

 Press Releases

  • Visit ApogeeInstruments.com to see our full line of rugged and cost-effective pyranometers, infrared radiometers, net radiometers, quantum sensors, precipitation gauges, oxygen sensors, pyrgeometers, temperature sensors, UV sensors, spectroradiometers, and more. Our technical sales staff is available for questions at (435) 245-8012 or techsupport@apogeeinstruments.com.


  • New! SIL-411: Commercial-Grade Infrared Radiometer
    Introducing Apogee's featured product for this show, the SIL-411. It has SDI-12 digital output, a 22° half-angle field of view, 0.6 s response time, and 5 m high-quality cable terminating in pre-tinned pigtail leads for easy connection to dataloggers....

  • Apogee's new "commercial-grade" infrared radiometer is a slightly less accurate and much lower priced alternative to the well-known research-grade line of infrared radiometers that we have offered for many years. This new sensor come in a single 22° field of view and features a measurement uncertainty of ± 0.5 C from 0 to 50 C when the sensor is within 20 C of the surface target. It is an excellent option for non-contact environmental surface temperature measurement applications that do not require the same ± 0.2 C high-accuracy of our research-grade sensors, but still need to perform in the harshest conditions.

    Available in SDI-12 output only with an analog version coming soon.