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Telops designs and manufactures high-performance hyperspectral imaging systems and infrared cameras for defence, industrial, and academic research applications. Its flagship product is the Hyper-Cam, a passive infrared hyperspectral imager. Telops also offers R&D services for optical systems technology development in order to respond to the specific needs of its customers.



 Press Releases

  • Telops will be soon announcing a new hyperspectral imaging system: the Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini

    The new Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini is a passive infrared hyperspectral imager that couples the latest generation of cooled infrared detector technology with advanced miniaturization engineering. This new hyperspectral camera is as sensitive as its predecessor but with a 10th the volume and a seventh of the weight!

    Its light weight and small size allow it to fly in smaller aircrafts and save on operational costs.

    Operating in the thermal infrared region, the Hyper-Cam Airborne Mini is perfectly suited to tackle a broad range of applications, from the detection of gaseous emissions to the mapping of mineral deposits.

    A state-of-the-art 2-axis fast steering mirror and an active stabilization platform leads to a total angular range of ±20° (TBC). That is almost twice the total angular range of the previous Hyper-Cam Airborne. This wide range enables the system to map an area more efficiently or to stay on a specific target longer.

    Selectable spectral resolution combined with swappable fore-optics provide flexibility and ensure optimal ground coverage at all times. 

    Stay tuned for its official launch in January 2021! 


  • Telops Hyper-Cam Hyperspectral Imager
    The Telops Hyper-Cam is an advanced passive infrared hyperspectral imaging system that combines high spatial and spectral resolution. It provides real-time radiometrically calibrated data for gas and solid detection and identification.


    HIGH SPATIAL RESOLUTION AND IMAGING QUALITY: The Hyper-Cam provides the highest spatial resolution on the market. Its 320 × 256-pixel FPA detector also ensures excellent 2D image quality.

    HIGH SPECTRAL RESOLUTION: The Hyper-Cam offers the best spectral resolution available. The spectral features of the targets can be well resolved providing good selectivity. It is userselectable up to 0.25 cm-1.

    HIGH TEMPORAL RESOLUTION: Hyperspectral cubes are recorded as a function of time allowing characterization of time-dependent events like gas cloud dispersion and combustion. Measurement time varies with acquisition parameters; this allows the fastest recording of dynamic events.

    HIGH SENSITIVITY AND ACCURACY: The high-sensitivity sensor combined with automated high-efficiency calibration sources ensure excellent radiometric measurements.

    HOW DOES IT WORK? The unique spectral features of gases and solids are obtained upon modulation of the incoming infrared radiation from the scene by a Michelson interferometer. A high resolution spectrum is then recorded at each pixel of a focal plane array (FPA) detector. By comparing a measured spectrum with reference spectral signatures of known gases and solids, the constituents of a target can be easily identified.

    Generate georeferenced hyperspectral maps with the Hyper-Cam Airborne Platform. The Airborne Platform is equipped with a stabilization system and an image motion compensation mirror, which allows you to use the Hyper-Cam from an airplane in order to map vast areas and obtain clear, high-quality spectral information.

    Key specifications include :

    • High sensitivity : Excellent signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) allows the detection of weak signals

    • User-selectable spectral resolution up to 1 cm-1

    • Mapping and targeting acquisition modes.