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United States
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Diana March is well-known for her work in rare, museum-quality gems, minerals, meteorites, crystals, fossils, artifacts and ocean elements. Honoring the natural beauty, shape and feel of each hand-chosen stone, she wire-designs her jewelry in precious metals with an eye to make exclusive creations. She keeps the elements in their raw form wherever possible.


  • Pallasite Meteorite embedded with Olivine Crystals
    Esquel Pallasite Meteroite embedded with Olivine Crystals one-of-a-kind, handmade pendant in Argentium silver...

  • Stony-iron, main group pallasite

    Found in Patagonia, 1951, this pallasite slice, embedded with translucid olivine crystal, is one of the most beautiful meteorites yet found. A pallasite is planetoid coremantle boundary material, created by collisions in the early solar system (4.6 billion years old) 

    Esquel, Chubut Province, Argentina