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PIESAT is a high-tech enterprise in research and application of remote sensing satellite technology. It offers professional satellite image processing software and integrated geospatial information industrial solutions in high-resolution remote sensing, natural resource, meteorology, agriculture, environment, risk reduction, forestry, UAV, etc.


PIESAT, leading satellite application service provider


  • PIE (Pixel Information Expert)
    PIE is the flagship software product of PIESAT for remote sensing data processing. It provides comprehensive functions for remote sensing data , and applies cutting-edge AI technology to develop an automated platform for industrial applications....

  • PIE (Pixel Information Expert) is the flagship software product of PIESAT for remote sensing image and data processing. It not only provides comprehensive functions for processing the multi-modal remote sensing data (optical, radar, hyperspectral and Lidar etc.), but also applies cutting-edge AI technology of information extraction to develop a highly automated and user-friendly platform for remote sensing engineering applications.

    By integrating cloud services as well as on-site services, and embedded with intelligent image interpretation engine based on deep learning, PIE has formed a remote sensing image processing product system covering full load, whole process and all industrial applications. PIE has been offering services including image preprocessing, image fusion, image mosaic, intelligent interpretation, synthetic drafting, process customization, etc.; and widely applied in multiple industries and fields such as meteorology, maritime industry, water conservancy, agriculture, forestry, land industry, disaster reduction, environmental protection and so on.