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At Pufferfish, we're Innovators, creators and immersive experience curators. We reconstruct the potency of communication and engagement. We make digital real. Our world renowned PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® solutions have seen clients all over the globe change the way information is used, viewed and understood. So, what's next? This year we launch Wake... Gather round!


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  • (Nov 06, 2020)

    So much has changed in 2020, and education, stakeholder engagement, research have all shifted in this new normal. Wake is the answer to a new age of interaction, storytelling, data visualisation and marketing. Join us, request a demonstration, and we can talk you through the latest communications tool set to enhance the sharing of global information. Wake by Pufferfish.


  • PufferSphere & PufferTouch Ranges
    The PufferSphere® and PufferTouch® ranges transform the strength of communication with captivating content and world leading display technology. Commanding centre pieces for any space, they can truly move any audience and enhance engagement....

  • The new PufferSphere® range boasts our largest acrylic screens, at 1200mm and 1500mm diameter. Punching 4K resolution, 13,000 Lumens and able to showcase mesmerizing content, you can engage your audiences in a way never previously possible. 

    Features Include:

    • Full 4K ultra bright screen
    • Fully integrates software application
    • Full network support
    • Integrated audio

    With our fully integrated Presenter software, it has never been easier to build and present your own content, creating narratives for compelling and highly memorable presentations.

    The PufferTouch® range represents our brightest and most powerful systems to date. With their multi-touch screens and interactive applications, these intuitive systems offer unparalleled image quality and performance. The easy to deploy, streamlined assembly comes housed in a striking enclosure and is preloaded with a package of ready-to-use applications, so you can be up and running in minutes. You can incorporate multiple styles and themes, from 360• video to layered interactive journeys, to tell the most compelling and engaging story on an interactive display unlike any other. 

    Features Include:

    • Full 4K ultra-bright acrylic screen
    • Bundled set of applications
    • Multi-touch screen control
    • Full network support
    • Integrated audio

    And our latest solution... Wake! See our virtual booth for more on our web-solution, newly launched to the global market.