Tasty Clean

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Powered by vinegar and no harsh chemicals, Tasty Clean is the first of its kind flavored cleaning spray that is safe to ingest and requires no water for use. The unique patented formula is laboratory tested in a 3rd party FDA approved laboratory and proven highly effective against bacteria, viruses and safe for all ages. Available in a variety of delicious flavors including our newly released Mint, Tasty Clean is a convenient and powerful way to keep removable appliances clean and fresh no matter where you are without the need to rinse. Simply spray, wait and enjoy! Stop by for your free samples and take advantage of our 20% off show special.


  • Tasty Clean Simply Mint
    Tasty Clean Simply Mint All-Natural Flavored Cleaning Spray - Convenient 2oz Spray Bottle

  • Tasty Clean Simply Mint Flavored Cleaning Spray makes a powerful addition to any patient take home care kit. At a low cost to you, you can provide your patients with the perfect tool to establish healthy oral hygein habits from the start. Powered by Vinegar and proven safe for all removable appliances, the unique patented formula allows you to keep appliances clean and fresh no matter where life finds you. Simply spray, wait and enjoy this all natural safe to ingest formula.

    • Helps in Reduction of Calculus on Dental Appliances
    • Hinders Bacterial Growth for Candida Albicans in Denture Wearers
    • Safely formulated for use with all dental appliances
    • Removes bacteria causing odors on dental appliances
    • Helps avoid Staining from Food & Drinks
    •  Certified Woman Owned and Made in America