Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc and the LA Institute of Clinical Dentistry

Studio City,  CA 
United States
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Welcome to Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc. where we have provided continuing dental education in Studio City, California, and at events all over North, Central, and South America since 2005. We teach supra-gingival, minimally invasive dentistry at our courses, using techniques that are predictable for dentists and healthy for patients. Our educator, Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz, has been a university professor, dental researcher, and a practicing clinician. This unique combination of experience sets Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz apart and helps him connect the research of supra-gingival, minimally invasive dentistry into a practical application for dentists. Dr. Jose-Luis Ruiz is the main promoter for this type of dentistry, and he has implemented it thousands of times in his own offices. At Los Angeles Institute of Clinical Dentistry & Ruiz Dental Seminars Inc., you can discover how our evidence-based curriculum and commitment to research helps you learn how to provide healthier dentistry to your patients. Call us today if you want to learn more about our programs.