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Credit Card Processing

Endorsed by ADA Member Advantage and >40 state dental associations, Best Card offers great rates and personalized customer service for credit card processing. Thousands of dental offices are saving an average of 2​4% ($3,736 annually) in credit card fees over their prior processor. 

Choose from a wide-variety of processing options, from standalone terminals to online systems that enable you to take payments at your computer, tablet and/or smartphone, on your website, and easily set up recurring payments. Auto-Post to dental software available!

Do the math to find out what you are really paying to take credit cards. Processing statements can be hard to decipher so we encourage you to calculate your effective rate: Take your total fees charged and divide it by the total dollars processed. Example: $321 (fees) ÷ $9,653 ($ processed) = 0.03325 or 3.33%.

If this number is greater than 2.1% (0.021 on calculator), you may be paying too much. Best Card practices average 2.18% effective rate coast-to-coast.

Fax or email a recent statement to 866-717-7247 or for a detailed no-obligation analysis to see what you could save by switching. You’ll receive a $5 Amazon gift card just for checking.

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