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Unmatched Ergonomics and Superior Magnification

You can’t provide great care without great loupes. SurgiTel’s premium magnification provides vivid visual detail so you can see what you’re working with up-close.

  • SurgiTel’s ergonomic loupes promote a working head tilt angle of less than 20 degrees, keeping your spine in alignment so you can work pain-free.
  • Highest resolution magnification options from 2.5x – 10.0x.
  • Wider field of view with patented compact designs.
  • Longer depth of field with unique manufacturing technologies.
  • Multi-vision options with working distance caps.

SurgiTel Lights Are the Safest to
Your Eyes

  • Blue light is not healthy1 yet many clinicians are using blue-tinted LEDs, even though they were advertised as true color.
  • Third-party evaluations have determined SurgiTel Lights have the safest color temperature starting at 3,900 Kelvin(k) while other brands range from 5,400k to 10,000k2.

How does your light compare? See the full chart at

  1. — ANSES OPINION on the “effects on human health and the environment (flauna and flora) of systems using light-emitting diodes (LEDs)”
  2. — Clinicians Report May 2017, Volume 10 Issue 5

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