XDR Radiology

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
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XDR Anatomic Sensor in sizes 1 & 2 - Designed by dentists, its patented maximized mesial imaging area helps you capture the canine-premolar contacts. Its rounded and beveled corners broaden the contact zone for increased patient comfort. The sensor’s white face eases intraoral visibility, and the sleek button on its immersible shell is easier to clean, and even cold sterilize. 
In synergy with XDR Software, you’ll see both the subtlest of lesions and the tip of your #6 Endo file. Our software is easy to use, provides feedback on exposure levels, bridges with most practice-management systems, and synchronizes across facilities, mobile operatories and laptops. 
At XDR, human beings answer the phone and impeccable support is a given.  We design our own sensors and write our own software. Every decision is based on dentistry and science.  Every doctor matters. Every call counts.  
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