Beutlich Pharmaceuticals, LLC

Bunnell,  FL 
United States
  • Booth: B4312

Beutlich® Pharmaceuticals, LLC has been offering dental professionals’ unique solutions for pain management and preventative care since 1954. We are a family-owned business whose integrity our customers can count on. We are best known for our family of HurriCaine® Topical Anesthetics containing 20% Benzocaine. Since Beutlich introduced HurriCaine into dentistry over 50 years ago, dentists around the world have built better practices by easing their patients’ pain. HurriCaine was the first of its kind and remains the highest quality choice in the dental marketplace.

HurriCaine Gel is now available in a NEW Unit Dose Form, which eliminates cross-contamination and allows a convenient method of dispensing to patients for post-procedure discomfort.  Beutlich offers other great premium products that address challenges in oral health, such as HurriSeal® Dentin Desensitizer, HurriView®, and HurriView II®, Plaque Disclosing Snap -n- Go™ Swabs, pH paper, and HurriPAK™ Periodontal Anesthetic Starter Kit. Stop by booth B4312 to learn more.