Active Anxiolytics

Farmington,  NM 
United States
  • Booth: C3304b*

Active Anxiolytics LLC is a digital health business which focuses on helping dental offices integrate holistic care and manage patient anxiety regarding treatment. Moderate to severe dental anxiety is a growing and largely unaddressed problem in the United States and has consequences that materialize as patient cancellations, treatment avoidance, and undue stress placed on providers during procedures thus jeopardizing quality of care.


We help your patients manage their anxiety and fear so that they can have a positive dental care experience. This is done by providing a unique video series which teaches patients how to induce a relaxation response and down-regulate anxiety using discreet, effective self-help techniques taught by a licensed mental health professional. These videos are about 60 seconds long and are intended to be played in a waiting room setting. They focus on facilitating a feeling of emotional support for each patient and were designed to create a sense of personal connection in order to more effectively help patients relax.

We offer additional value to the dental office by also providing an expanded video bank where these same techniques are discussed in greater detail over 3-5 minutes. The expanded video bank is accessible online to patients any time they need it through a practice-specific QR code and are intended to be viewed in preparation for a dental visit.