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Cavex: The Best Alginates in the World

Over seventy years of research and experience are the basis for Cavex’ premium quality alginates. It was in the 1950’s that Cavex CA37 -Calcium Alginate, recipe number 37- was introduced. Ever since, this all-purpose alginate became the global standard for dental alginates and until this day many thousands of professionals use it for dental impressions daily.

Safety, reliability and accuracy are the three vital pillars of dental impression materials. To guarantee that Cavex alginates always meet the strictest quality criteria of organizations such as ISO and ADA, we execute quality checks before, during and after production. We strive for absolute perfection, time and time again. That is why Cavex alginates do not just meet, but exceed the strictest quality criteria.

Looking at our Cavex ColorChange alginate for instance; it has several color switches to guarantee perfect timing and a maximum result in mixing and impression taking. Also Cavex ColorChange impressions are dimensionally stable for nine days. Ideal for impression that might take a bit longer to reach the dental technician.

The absolute pearl in our alginate system is Cavex Cream. Due to the combination of excellent elastic properties and the extremely accurate 5 µm detail reproduction, this alginate product is unrivalled when it comes to precision. This is why Cavex Cream received The Dental Advisor’s Top Award Winner status for four consecutive years since 2018.

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