DST Advisory Group

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United States
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DST Advisory Group provides advisory services to companies claiming Research Tax Credits (R&D Tax Credits) in the United States.

Many dental professionals, dental labs and related industries are not aware they may qualify to claim the Research Tax Credit. This credit can either be used to offset taxes or taken as a cash refund.

Dental Practices

While many “routine” dental procedures don’t qualify for the R&D tax credit, the following types of common activities may:

  • Experimenting with alternative materials or attachment systems
  • Creating prototypes
  • Implementation of new dental systems (pressable ceramic systems, CAD/CAM zirconia milling, 3D scan and mill, laser sintering systems, etc.)
  • Complex or custom procedures
  • Using an on-site milling machine or in-house lab
  • Using 3-D printing technology
  • Any other testing or development associated with solving a non-standard problem, using non-standard materials/methods, or standard or combination of standard materials in ways they weren’t designed or intended

Dental Labs

Activities that dental labs perform that may qualify include:

  • Crafting crowns, dentures/partials, and implants
  • 3-D printing and scanning
  • New/improved types of restorations, appliances, processes, and techniques
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Milling custom prosthetics
  • Designing and creating prototypes

Dental Related Industries

Dental related industries are also eligible to claim the credit. Qualification of activities for the R&D Credit is likely met if you:

  • Employ Engineers, Scientists, CAD Drafters, Fabricators, Welders (or outsource these activities)
  • Develop new products
  • Develop improved or second-generation products
  • Develop custom or “one-off” tooling or fixture designs
  • Design manufacturing equipment
  • Produce prototype or 3-Dimensional drawings
  • Integrate new materials to improve manufacturing processes
  • Determine tooling requirements to meet specifications (product or process)
  • Perform testing on new alternative materials
  • Improve product quality, improving yields, reducing manufacturing time

DST would welcome the opportunity to conduct a free assessment for you to learn how you can generate cash from the R&D tax credit.