Dental Hearing Protection

Eagle Mnt,  UT 
United States
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Dental personnel are exposed to noise of different levels while working in dental clinics or laboratories. Dental laboratory machine, dental hand – piece, ultrasonic scalers, amalgamators, high speed evacuation, and other items produce sound noise at different sound levels, which will over time, severely damage hearing. Long term ultrasonic noise exposure has shown to have had damaging effects on dental hygienists hearing causing high frequency loss at 3000 Hz and above. Protect and enhance your hearing with Dental Hearing Protection products. You will protect your hearing from high frequency instruments while clearly hearing your patients and staff. Our devices are programmable to your individual hearing requirements. If you are exposed to noisy environments through your profession or recreational activities (dentistry) call us today to learn more about our instruments and how they can help enhance your hearing while protecting your hearing from further damage.