Dr. Walser Dental GmbH

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Dr. Walser Dental GmbH has been manufacturing dental instruments for distribution worldwide since 1948. The company has registered numerous patents. Developments for dentists by dentists include a sophisticated system of tooth filling matrices, the so-called Walser® Matrices with forceps.

Why dentists work with Walser® Dental Matrices in more than 120 countries daily: In contrast to conventional matrices and sectional matrices you can place or remove a Walser® Matrix with a single hand movement. In seconds! And the matrix adapts to the natural tooth shape automatically, even in the distal area.

Furthermore the handmade Walser® Matrices are reusable and sterilizable - take care of your wallet and our environment!

Read testimonials from enthusiastic dentists and professors worldwide on our webpage.

Find out about the many awards the company and the matrix system were awarded with, included “Best of” Industry Award 2018 for the Walser® Matrix system.

And check with our Economy Calculator how you can save up to 8000 EUR per year with Walser® Matrices.