Guangzhou T.K. Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

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Guangzhou T.K. Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. T.K Medical has filed more than 500 patents. It is a hi-tech company which specializes in R & D, manufacturing, and sales of various products. It adheres to “Quality First” principle and organizes manufacturing under international standards. Its products are well sold in developed countries like Germany, U.S,  U.K., France.

iSee Visible Interdental Cleane (iSee for short)r is a patented product which started a new era of high definition visible tooth cleaning. By utilizing HD camera and real-time wireless video communication technology, iSee transmits tooth cleaning details to mobile APP and initiates targeted tooth cleaning with tools like dental floss and interdental brush. iSee makes the concept of “looking at mobile phone and cleaning teeth” come true.

iSee means “I see; I clean; I am healthy.” Together with Sonic Toothbrush, iSee brings customers with a healthy oral environment without any blind area.