IFG Fit & IFGworld

Los Angeles,  CA 
United States
  • Booth: 6477

IFGfit creates smart and stylish therapeutic posture apparel for recovery and neck/back pain relief. IFGfit's products are FDA-registered medical devices with patented technology, comprised of a technical inner layer and fashionable outer layer without the use of compression. Our unique fabric composition called PPR® (Posture, Performance, Recovery) utilizes muscle proprioception to instantly improve the wearer’s posture, expands the chest for better breathing, reduced neck/back pain and accelerated recovery during their everyday activities. Our product's primary focus is preventative health geared towards dental ergonomics and posture restoration. All products are tax-deductible and represent the latest in dental equipment.

IFGworld is an FDA registered independent VR studio geared towards alleviating anxiety and improving mental wellness. Through our constantly updating library of immersive virtual reality worlds - from outdoor paradises like a private cove to lush serenity in a wondrous bamboo forest - patients will experience an interactive visual and audio experience that will help them relax before and during any dental appointment.