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As a leading innovator in the dental industry, SICAT develops and markets 3D based analysis and planning software, surgical guides and therapeutic appliances for various dental disciplines, such as implantology, functional dentistry, sleep and airway analysis and endodontics and is partner for dental practices, clinics and dental laboratories worldwide. With its wide range of product solutions, SICAT paves the ground for advanced digital dentistry. Multiple data sources such as 3D X-ray, optical impressions, jaw movement data, and 2D intraoral sensor images can be combined with each other – for increased efficiency and quality of treatment. Each Software module includes tools for enhanced treatment planning and provides solutions for treatment with surgical guides for implantology and endodontics as well as appliances for sleep apnea and TMJ treatment. SICAT Air, SICAT Endo, SICAT Function and SICAT Implant are open for all 3D Conebeam and DI Systems. Visit for more information.