3M Connected Roads 329
Actelis Networks 136LinkedIn
Activu Corporation 701LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Advantech B+B SmartWorx 611LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
AECOM 411LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Aimsun 220LinkedIn
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise 119LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Alpha Technologies Ltd. 219
APC by Schneider Electric 245LinkedInFacebook URL
Applied Information 645LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
ASTI Transportation Systems, Inc. Work Area Protection 314
Axiomtek 634
Axis Communications Inc. 135
BlueMAC Analytics 147
Blyncsy, Inc 130LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Bosch Security Systems 642LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Brisk Synergies 138LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Bureau Veritas 7layers 347LinkedIn
Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company 100LinkedInFacebook URL
CESTEL 108LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Channell 749
Cisco 744LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Citel, Inc. 122
Citilabs 713LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Citilog, Inc. 135LinkedIn
CLARY Corporation 109
Coast Automation Inc. 242LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Cohu HD Costar 546
Collision Control Communications 547
Commsignia Inc 710LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
COMNET Communications Networks 115LinkedInTwitter
Comtrol Corp 715
Conduent 507Twitter
Consensus Systems Technology 218Twitter
Continental Automotive Systems, Inc. 215
Daktronics, Inc 415LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Danlaw, Inc. 508LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Defense Mobility Enterprise 116LinkedInTwitter
Dura-Line 747LinkedIn
Dymec 738
Earnest Products dba Southern Manufacturing 145
Eberle Design Inc. 429LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Econolite 311LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Escrypt 118
EtherWAN Systems, Inc. 601BLinkedInFacebook URL
eTrans Systems 106
EX2 Technology 128LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
FLIR Systems, Inc. 542
Fortis 343
General Motors Corporation 101
Genetec 729LinkedInTwitter
GEWI 607LinkedInFacebook URL
Global Traffic Technologies 714LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Go-Light 143
GRIDSMART Technologies, Inc. 501LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
HERE Technologies 706LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Houston Radar LLC 705LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Image Sensing Systems 221LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
IMSA 238
Information Display Company 120
Integral Blue 717LinkedIn
Intelight 124LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
International Road Dynamics, Inc. 437LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Iteris, Inc. 229LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
ITS America 351LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
ITS America – Youth Workforce Area 543
ITS Asia-Pacific 733
ITS Canada 244Twitter
ITS International 735
Kapsch TrafficCom USA 421LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc 442LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Klover, Inc. 646LinkedInTwitter
Kontron 621LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Kyland Technology Co., Ltd. 720
Lanner Electronics Inc 146
Lear Corporation 731LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Live Traffic Data 707
Lufft USA 638LinkedIn
McCain, Inc. 234LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
MG Squared Lowering Systems 737LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
MH Corbin 114
Miovision Technologies Inc 212LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Mobile Mark, Inc. 610LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Moonshadow Mobile, Inc. 719
Moxa 129LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Multilink, Inc 639
NEC Corporation of America 344
Omnitron Systems 721LinkedInTwitter
Parsons 725LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Peek Traffic Corporation 208
Pelco by Schneider Electric 247LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Perceptics, LLC 643LinkedInTwitter
Phoenix Contact USA 601ALinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
PlanetM / MI Department of Transportation 300LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
PTV Group 235LinkedInTwitter
Q-Free 529LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc 629
Ride Flag Technologies 246LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Savari, Inc. 113LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
SecureWatch 24 343
Sensys Networks 515LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
SES America, Inc. 121LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Siemens Canada Limited 320LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Siemens Industry, Inc 319
SIMREX Corporation 447
Skyline Products 140LinkedInFacebook URL
SkyLine Technology Solutions 741
Smart & Resilient Cities 742
Smart Highways Magazine 144LinkedInTwitter
Solar Technology, Inc. 615LinkedIn
Southwest Research Institute 337LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Surveying Solutions, Inc. 709LinkedInTwitter
Telegra, Inc. 635
Traffic & Parking Control Co., Inc. (TAPCO) 241LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Traffic & Transit 742
Traffic Logix 132LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Traffic Technology Intl 134
Traffic Technology Services, Inc. 443LinkedInTwitter
TrafficCast International, Inc. 446LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
TrafficVision 521LinkedInTwitter
Trafficware Group, Inc. 310LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
TransCore 535LinkedIn
Trimble Inc 111
U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) 401Twitter
University of Michigan Law School 743Facebook URLTwitter
Vaisala Inc. 346LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Vector North America 104
Verizon 340
Versilis 142LinkedIn
Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI) 211Facebook URLTwitter
Wanco, Inc. 110Facebook URL
Wavetronix 318LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
Wireless Technology, Inc. / WTI 539LinkedIn
Zetron Inc 723LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
ZincFive, Inc. 614LinkedInFacebook URLTwitter
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