Ceska Whiskey

Trebic - Zamosti,  Vysocina 
Czech Republic
  • Booth: 426

Fine single malt whisky made from selected local ingredients and matured in barrels of our own production TREBITSCH Czech Single Malt Whisky creates its own way of distinctive taste. A balanced sweeter flavor includes tones of fruit, vanilla or caramel based on a gentle smoky barley and essence of spirit wood.

The body taste is dominated by the cereal taste of barley associated with fruit. The finish is pleasantly soft, ending with long traces of dark chocolate. Our whisky is very delicate and its creamy character creates a harmonious taste experience with the urge to repeat it.

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Other Certifications
Kosher certificate
 In 2018, we received an international certificate from The Jewish Community of Prague confirming that our TREBITSCH Czech Single Malt Whisky is produced in Kosher quality. Our whisky thus became the very first kosher Czech whisky.


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