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Elyon Gourmet is an exclusive USA importer & Distributor for High end European Gourmet Products.

Introducing the SAFA (Societe Anonyme Fumaison Artisanal) French Brand specialized in Smocked Salmon made in France.

About SAFA:

In 1926, SAFA made smoked salmon its specialty. It was born by chance when, bringing salmon from Eastern Europe, a Polish family had the idea to salt and smoke the salmon in order to guarantee greater conservation. One day, the fire went out but the sawdust continued to burn slowly, it was the start of a beautiful story ...

It’s know-how for almost 100 years has remained traditional and artisanal, making SAFA a specialist in high-end and gourmet smoked salmon.

The secret of SAFA product is a fresh fish, threated by hand, salted exclusively with sea salt (no added sugar), slowly cold smoked with oak and beech sawdust.

Its two Secrets: Patience and Know-How, for a quality product with a unique taste!

All under Orthodox Union supervision.

SAFA offers a very varied range of salmon from different origins:



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