LIG Nex1 Co.,Ltd.

Seongnam-si,  Gyeonggi-do 
Republic of Korea
  • Booth: 623

Since founded in 1976 with an objective of independent national defense, we, as a total defense business corporation, 
have developed and mass-produced a variety of cutting-edge weapon systems including precision guided weapons, 
surveillance and reconnaissance equipment, command control and communication devices, and avionic/electronic warfare weapons, 
in close collaboration with the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, the Agency for Defense Development, the Defense Agency for Technology and Quality, etc.

Keeping our vision, in mind, to be a high-tech company designing safe and convenient future life, we, all the employees, 
have made utmost efforts to raise the status of Korean defense industry, as well as contributed to enhancing the defense R&D capability of the Republic of Korea.

At present, we are increasing future-oriented technologies available in the 4th Industrial Revolution such as unmanned equipment like drones, robots, AI, cyber warfare systems, 
and so on, and do activities to seek for the future direction of Korean defense industry through Spin-On-Off based on technical exchanges between the government and civil sectors.


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