Non Line of Sight Wireless  

La Verne,  CA 
United States
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First: Verify h/w and operations requirements.  Based on that review design a data link solution and ID three RF Module OEM’s with the lowest system cost.   Extensive documents confirm these requirements for you and your potential customers.
Second:  We bench test any two or more RF data links in my lab to verify they meet their OEM spec.  They can have significantly less RF output maybe 50% less for the complex modulation to pass HD video.
Third:  We can come on-site and integrate your data link on your platform, RF interference and location may be a limiting problem.   The RFI maybe Internal to the UAV most often digital RF noise from the Flight controller, camera or DC to DC switching.

:  We can train your staff on RF and data link system design, RF test equipment procedures and test configurations.  Then your staff can design, integrate and debug RF systems on your platform and resolve future internal or external RF issues.  This CAN NOT be done by flight testing.


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